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Iceland is a member of the Ice Skating Institute and offers class instruction for all ages and levels of ice skating

Sign-up today and learn an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Once you have learned how to skate, you may join one of our following programs:

  • Freestyle Sessions
  • Ice Hockey Programs
  • Bay Skates Show
  • Iceland Recitals
  • Iceland Skating Competition
  • Synchronized Team Skating
  • Modern Dance
  • Ballet

Class Schedule

9 week Series
February 24, 2003 – April 26

Saturday Class

Tiny tot through Alpha level and beginning adult
(30 minute class followed by 11:15-4:30pm public session)

Beta through Freestyle 1&2
(45 minute class followed by 11:15-4:30pm public session)

Advanced Adults
(30 minute class followed by 11:15-4:30 public session)

*All Saturday classes may skate the Saturday public session for practice and enjoyment

Monday Classes

Tiny tot through Alpha & Adult
(30 minutes class)

Beta through Freestyle 1&2
(45 minute class)

*All Monday classes include skating practice 3:00-4:30pm

Wednesday “Family Night” Classes

Tiny tot through Alpha & all Adults

Beta through Freestyle 1&2

*All Wednesday evening classes may skate the Family Night Skating Session 7:15-9:15pm

Tiny Tot, Pre-alpha, Alpha and Adults Lesson Series —-$110.00
Beta through Freestyle 1&2 ——————————–$135.00
Tiny Tot: is a beginner age between 3.5years and 6 years
Pre-Alpha: is a beginner over age 6

All Class Lesson Series include use of our rental skates and a minimum of five extra skating passes for your added enjoyment!

Group Lessons use the Ice Skating Institute format which is taught all over the world. ISI encourages participation of ice skating as a Recreational Sport. Below are the Structure of ISI classes.

Tots 1 & 2

  • Forward Swizzle
  • Standing
  • Falling
  • Getting Up
  • Marching in a Standing Position
  • Marching while Moving
  • Two foot Jump in Plac

Tots 3 & 4

  • Preparation for stroking
  • Preparation for snowplow stop
  • Teapot
  • Forward Swizzle
  • Backward wiggle
  • T position and push
  • Snowplow stop
  • Backward Swizzle


  • Two foot Glide
  • One foot Glide (each foot)
  • Forward swizzle
  • Backward swizzle


  • Forward Stroking
  • Forward Crossovers(both directions)
  • One foot snowplow stop


  • Backward Stroking
  • Backward Crossovers(both directions)
  • T stop both directions
  • Gamma
  • RFO three turn
  • LFO three turn
  • RFI Mohawk combination
  • LFI Mohawk combination
  • Hockey Stop


  • RFI Three turn
  • LFI three turn
  • Forward edges inside & outside
  • Bunny hop
  • Shoot the duck or Lunge
  • Freestyle 1
  • Forward inside pivot
  • Two foot spin
  • Forward arabesque
  • Backward Edges inside and outside
  • One half flip
  • Waltz jump

To register by mail please fill out this form and mail to:

Skating School Director:
Berkeley Iceland
2727 Milvia St.
Berkeley, CA. 94703

Name:__________________ Skating Level___________
Address:________________ Email:_____
City:_________________________ Zip:_
Date of birth:____

Make check payable to Berkeley Iceland.

To register by credit card please include credit card #_____________ expiration date______

To register by phone please call (510) 647-1615. Please have your credit card number and expiration date ready.

We have a no make up policy to assure you of quality classes. Refunds are available only during the first week of class. A $15.00 processing fee will be applied.


  • Arrive approximately 20 minutes before the first lesson to gauge how much time is needed for you to pick up rental skates (if you need them) and familiarize yourself with the ice skating rink.
  • Skaters should dress warmly, using gloves, hats and layered clothing to be absolutely comfortable. Parents of skaters under 5 yeas of age, should consider providing their youngsters with a bike helmet for additional protection. Better safe than sorry.
  • Practice every week and you’ll improve by leaps and bounds, not to mention spins, tool! We strongly urge skaters to join the Ice Skating Institute. Please ask your director or cashier for a brochure explaining the value of this program.

(Note: Stroking, Jump & Spin, Syncronized Skating and Modern/Ballet Classes are also available.)

Private lessons may be scheduled to enhance your Progress.
Ask your Skating Director for further details!

Berkeley Iceland
2727 Milvia Street
Berkeley, CA 94703

Berkeley Iceland
2727 Milvia Street, Berkeley, CA 94703
Ph (510) 647-1620 Fax (510) 647-1616
[email protected]

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